How many wives Eddie Murphy have?

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Entertainer, comedy writer, composer, filmmaker, and singer Edward Regan Murphy hails from the United States.

He became famous while working as a regular cast member on the sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984.

Murphy decided to pursue comedy when he was 15 after listening to Richard Pryor’s comedy CD That Nigger’s Crazy.

Murphy learned to play many different personas as a child by modeling his acting style after Peter Sellers.

Bill Cosby, Redd Foxx, Robin Williams, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, and Charlie Chaplin were among early inspirations.

How many wives Eddie Murphy have?

Eddie Murphy has had multiple romantic relationships, although he has only ever been married once.

Thus a wife.

He got married to Nicole Mitchell in 1993, and the two later separated in 2006.

After that, the comedian had a number of romances before getting engaged to Australian actress Paige Butcher.

Although Paige and Eddie have been dating since 2012, they choose to keep their relationship a secret.

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