How Not To Fail No Nut November?

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No Nut November began as a random post on Urban Dictionary in 2011. The challenge over time grew in popularity on Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and TikTok.

It was formed in the latter part of 2010, and after 2017, it rose to prominence on social media.

The “No Nut November” internet challenge challenges users to forego having sex, masturbating, or ejaculating for the whole month of November.

It is linked to the Reddit group known as NoFap, which urges its members to abstain from masturbation.

Vice criticized the challenge, asserting that it was unfair after fans in 2018 threatened xHamster on Twitter

No Nut November’s original purpose was a parody, but some participants believe that abstaining from ejaculating and pornographic material has health benefits.

How Not To Fail No Nut November?

You are not allowed to engage in any type of masturbation, sex, or nut. You are permitted to consume boners and watch pornography, but not nuts.

There can be only one wet dream per person. You should be eliminated if you have more than one. The simplest approach to get through No Nut November is to just see every female as a member of your family.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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