How Old Are The Octomom Kids Now?

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Nadya Suleman became famous after birthing 8 children at a go. She was already a mother of six elder children before giving birth to her eight children in 2009.

Nadya reportedly lives in a three-bedroom townhouse in California with her family. She told The New York Times in December 2018.

In this present day, Nadya and the octuplets have overcome the odds by surviving and growing up to be healthy teens.

The secret is Nadya revealed she had all her children through IVF. Suleman was implanted with 12 embryos from an unnamed sperm donor by Dr. Michael Kamrava in 2008. He’s the same doctor who was in charge of her prior six in vitro pregnancies. Suleman garnered tremendous media attention prior to and after their births.

How Old Are The Octomom Kids Now?

The Octomom kids are now 14. They turned 14 on January 26th of this year. Thankfully all eight children are healthy and in a great state all thanks to their hard-working mother, Nadya Suleman.


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