How Old Is Stephen Curry’s Daughter?

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Stephen Curry shares his life with three daughters: Riley, Ryan, and Canon. Riley, the oldest, of three girls.

Riley became a social media sensation and has occasionally stolen the spotlight from her father, as seen when she interrupted his post-game press conference at the age of two. She appeared more in his conference and have since had an unbreakable bond.

Furthermore, Curry has a strong bond with his daughters, considering them his driving force in basketball. He actively supports them, frequently attending their sporting events and cheering them on.

How Old Is Stephen Curry’s Daughter?

As stated earlier Stephen Curry has three daughters. Nonetheless, Riley is the most known among his daughters. Hence, Riley Curry is 11-year-old daughter of Stephen Curry and was born on July 19, 2012.

Riley Curry has gained popularity on social media and frequently accompanies her father to his games and various events. Additionally, Riley is also athletic like her dad and looks forward to displaying her basketball talent.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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