How Old Was Kirstie Alley When She Died?

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American actress Kirstie Alley lived from January 12, 1951, until December 5, 2022. Robert Dale Alley, the proprietor of a timber company, and Lillian Maxine Alley gave birth to her. Her grandparents were from Illinois and Nebraska, respectively.

Her mother died in an auto accident in 1981 that a drunk driver caused, and her father suffered significant injuries.
She had Scottish, Irish, English, German, and Scottish ancestry.

In her native Wichita, Kansas, Alley established Lillie’s Learning Place, a literacy and tutoring facility that bears her daughter’s name.
For her work in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” at the Mark Taper Forum Theatre in Los Angeles, California, Kristie received the Drama Logue Award for Outstanding Performance in 1983.

The only regular Cheers character was Kristie (1982). She had two marriages, to actors Parker Stevenson and Bob Alley, and a brief engagement to James Wilder.

How Old Was Kirstie Alley When She Died?

At the time of Kristie Alley’s demise, she was 71 years old. She was born on January 12, 1951.


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