How To Fail No Nut November?

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The annual No Nut November campaign urges males to go 30 days without ejaculating or bursting a nut as it is known in some circles.
No Nut November is a specific challenge that had its roots in 2011.

This is the first entry for the challenge that has been seen on sites like Reddit and 4chan. With very rigorous regulations, it is now a very widespread practice.

The prohibitions against masturbation, sexual activity, ejaculation, and pornography are part of No Nut November. November must be finished in its entirety.

According to NNN users, the benefits of NNN include increased testosterone levels, energy levels, self-confidence, mental clarity, and gym performance.

On the other hand, ejaculation may reduce stress, improve heart and erectile health, and even lower the chance of prostate cancer, according to scientists, medical professionals, and Giddy, who have found evidence to support this claim.

How To Fail No Nut November?

By failing the one-month challenge that forbids men from engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, ejaculation, and pornographic viewing.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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