How to Write a Strong Essay About Culture?

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Writing an essay on a new topic may be challenging and take much of your time and effort, especially if you don’t have a plan. When we talk about an essay about culture or a cultural essay, we mention a work aimed at unlocking people’s creative skills and letting them express their opinions. Moreover, writing a cultural essay doesn’t mean writing about culture in general. You can pick an aspect (literature, art, etc.), and describe it according to the requirements set by the teacher.

If you are free to select the topic yourself, choose what you like the most. Moreover, you don’t need to write about what happened in the past. Pick something from the modern era and express your thoughts about how the culture changed compared to what was 100 years ago. Anyway, writing a strong cultural essay is not as complicated as it may be, especially if you have additional tips. In this article, we gathered everything you need to know about.

Select a Topic for a Cultural Essay

Every essay starts with a suggestion for a topic. If you can choose the topic yourself, select something that matches your interests. Below are some general concepts that can be later developed and specified.

  • Analyzing the cultural phenomena during the specific time period.
  • Cultural codes and connections between the eras.
  • Social and cultural dynamics: problems and solutions.
  • How the spiritual heritage of a certain nation influences people’s life today.
  • How different cultures correlate and exchange over the years.
  • Cultural units: their specifications and roles in history.

You can also pick any cultural theory and explore it. Do it in the context of time, explaining what forced changes and how they affected people who belonged to this culture. If you don’t know what to choose, brainstorm and write down all the ideas that come to mind. Do this for 5 minutes. When you have enough suggestions, read them carefully and leave the best ideas. After that, select one idea and use it as a topic for your essay.

Writing an Essay – Brief and Catchy Introduction

An opening part is made to draw attention and introduce the topic to the readers. Provide some shocking stats, answer a controversial research question, or start with a thesis that’ll shock your audience. Generally, your introduction to professional essay writing service paper should:

  • Show your willingness to resolve the problem or answer the question.
  • Demonstrate that you are familiar with the topic.
  • Inform the readers that you will uncover the core aspects of the topic and reveal the core points.
  • Be brief (the introduction should be less than 10% of your essay). 

You can also include a thesis statement instead of a research question. It’s an alternative way of revealing the main idea of your research and showing how it will go. The thesis statement should be clear and contain no controversial points that will provoke a discussion. You need to point out the problem and find the solution in the main paragraphs.

The Body Part – Main Part of the Text

The body part usually consists of three or five paragraphs and is aimed to answer the research question or explain the arguments mentioned in the thesis statement. Depending on the topic of your work, you can provide information in chronological order or compare statements. For example, if you describe a cultural phenomenon during a century, a chronological order is your best option. You slowly move from one point to another, mentioning crucial details and supporting your opinion with facts.

Conclusion to Finalize Everything

Like the introduction, the conclusion should be brief and informative. It’s a part where you sum everything up and come up with a final statement. For example, you evaluate your research and say whether you achieved your goal or not and why. Notice that collusion does not contain any new information.

Write Your Essay From a Personal Perspective

Despite the fact that you describe a huge topic or explore a specific period of time, you should position this cultural essay as your personal perspective. Even if you rely on sources from foreign authors, don’t put them in front. Share your opinion and give a personal perspective about events that happened in the past.

Rely on Verified Resources

Good research is possible only when you rely on reliable sources and know what to search for. When gathering data for your cultural essay, check the resources you use and ensure their authors are real and have other published works. Also, when using direct quotations from the texts, ensure you edit them correctly to avoid plagiarism. It’s one of the biggest mistakes for those who buy essays and don’t check the text before sending it to the teacher.

Editing and Proofreading Are Must

Once you finish writing, it’s time to edit and proofread your cultural essay. Grammar and punctuational errors are not accepted because the teacher will immediately see what’s wrong and lower your mark. Moreover, you should check your essay for plagiarism to ensure it does not have any matches. Another good advice is to check the text with an AI detector. Teachers pay attention to artificial intelligence and may even ban the writing task if it’s written with AI. So, even if your work is written by yourself, check it to ensure everything’s OK.

Look for Examples

Writing an essay from scratch may be tough, so you should look for examples. They not only show how the final version of this work may look but also show you how you can express your thoughts. Still, you don’t need to copy and paste from such examples because your teacher won’t appreciate it.

Write Your Cultural Essay With a Proper Plan

When you have a well-organized plan and a clear understanding of how your work should look you don’t panic and feel confident during writing. Suggest a topic, define the structure, look for examples from other authors (to inspire yourself, not copy paste), find reliable sources, and start writing your essay. Remember about editing and proofreading because an essay that contains mistakes is a bad one.

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