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Hrithhik Roshan Net Worth Forbes

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Hrithhik Roshan is a Bollywood actor. He gained fame popularity through his film “Koi Mili Gaya”.He was praised for his incredible acting.

He is a super talented actor and dancer. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but also a hardworking actor.

Hrithhik Roshan’s income comes from other sources and his acting career. His primary source of income is acting, he charges more than Rs 22 crores for each film he signs up for. He has a clothing line and owns a number of restaurants in New Delhi(Fat Burger Chain). He is also a brand ambassador of the top-selling perfume “With Love from Hrithhik”.This perfume seems to be taking over the market quickly. Despite all these, Hrithhik’s Vodka brand “Pure wonderoshan -India is of top quality and leading the market. He also has invested in real estate.

In February 2013 -2014,he earned $75 million.His estimated networth in 2017 was ( Rs.1680),in 2018 (Rs.1980),in 2019 (Rs.2230),in 2020 (Rs.2410).

Hrithhik Roshan networth Forbes

The networth of Hrithhik Roshan is estimated to be multiple as the years go by. His estimated networth in 2021 was Rs.2500 Crore.

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