Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Before And After Photos

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The 56-year-appearance old’s on The One Show of The BBC on August 6 startled viewers because of his slender-looking face and fashionable, close-cropped hair. When he played Lord Grantham on Downton Abbey, it used to be longer.

The fact that he appeared on television remotely and could only be seen from the chest up astounded viewers, and some have compared his recent weight drop to that of British explorer Bear Grylls.

Hugh, who was on the program to talk about a project he was working on, has previously admitted that changing his eating habits and exercising helped him lose weight after his wife made affectionate comments about his softer frame.

In 2009, he admitted to hiring a personal trainer and reducing his intake of fatty foods and high-carbohydrate foods after his wife teased him about being overweight. It’s been a path toward improvement, and Hugh now looks fantastic!

Hugh has significantly slimmed down over time. But since many of his admirers hadn’t seen him in a while before his appearance on The One Show, they were pleasantly surprised by his fresh appearance.

Hugh Bonneville is one of many celebrities that underwent significant transformations in 2020. For some, quarantine allowed them to fully focus on their diet and fitness regimens.

Hugh Bonneville Weight Loss Before And After Photos


Source: Vimbuzz.com

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