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I Accepted My Calling For My Son’s Sake – Andrea Dondolo

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Prominent Mzansi actress, storyteller, and sangoma Andrea Dondolo has revealed that she accepted her calling to protect his son as her refusal could inflict consequences on her lineage.

Although accepting and surrendering to ancestral calling can be very difficult especially when it involves people of great potential, Andrea Dondolo accepted her fate with all her heart.

According to her, she was hesitant but when she realized her refusal could prove to her son, she lowered her pride and wholeheartedly accepted.

Sharing a picture of herself and her little son, she wrote, “In my stubbornness to accept the calling, when i realized the consequences to the next generation i bowed and surrendered.

I could not let my son bear the consequences of my refusal. Being a mother is a huge responsibility and some tough decisions have to be made.

One of those is being married and hopping on the “leave your child behind to start a new life”, which is prevalent and a sad reality with my people, not me i refuse.

I recently read a painful letter a son wrote to his mom from jail telling her how his life pivoted to the dark side when mom left him at home to build a new life . I chose this prince and he chose me,therefore i have to make some sacrifices for his wellbeing to protect him.

Did i tell you i dreamt this incredible being? In fact two other people dreamt him before i did and i was the third , at the time i was not even in a relationship.

I came home and spent a whole month meditating on this and the rest is history, his father chased me for 6 years before i caved in , he even complained that its women who chase him not the other way round #Kui #MamaKui #MamaKui #actortosangoma”.


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