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I Am Happy To Be Back; Stronger And Wiser – Zinhle Mabena

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Mzansi’s iconic actress, Zinhle Ngwenya affectionately called Zinhle Mabena has revealed that she is very excited to be back on screen. Zinhle took some time offscreen to focus herself and her children after a publicized divorce took hold of her career.

In what seems to be good news for Zinhle and her fans, the actress has revealed that she is ready and coming back onto the screens and this time around nothing can stop her from focusing on her first love, acting.

“I am happy to be back. Although I needed the time off to deal with personal issues and to focus on myself, I am happy and ready with a fresh start,”.

Zinhle will be playing the role of Ntombi in the e-tv show House of Zwide.

“Ntombi is from Umlazi in KwaZulu Natal. She is working in the corporate world and doing very well for herself. She has a child with Lazarus, a queer fashion designer played by Khaya Dladla. She comes into the show trying to create a relationship with Laz and his son,” she says.

“Laz left his home due to his status and never got a chance to hey have a relationship with his child due to the friction between families and he wants for that to change. Laz feared for his life, and he left to start a life somewhere else, and he came through to Johannesburg and worked at House Of Zwide,”

She added that, unlike her last role where she played a villain, she is going to be calm, the direct opposite.

“Ntombi is nice. She is calm, chilled, and levelheaded…I played Sihle for many years. People know her evolution. She went from being a sweet village girl to being the villain. It is a role I loved playing, a lot of actors love playing villains because it challenges you and brings you to a different space, and demands more from you as an actress.

“But Ntombi is the opposite of that…People are expecting me to come on the show with crazy behaviour but that won’t happen, she is not a villain. Ntombi is very mature, which for me is also refreshing.”

Zinhle explained she had gone through a lot of difficult changes in the last recent years. She also revealed that all the brouhaha about her marriage had made a better person out of her; stronger and wise.

“The last couple of years have not been easy, but I have been away raising my kids and trying to get into other business ventures off the ground. But most importantly, I have been selfish and taken better care of myself, my mental health, and my physical wellbeing.


All the drama in the headlines really made me a stronger person and I don’t like to dwell on it. I am stronger, wiser and I take even better care of myself. My life, my moves, and my needs are more important because I’ve learned to protect myself better.”

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