“I Can Only Spend Money On A Man That Has Invested In Me” – Queeneth Agbor Reveals

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Queeneth Agbor, an aspiring Nollywood actress, stated that she can only spend her money with men who have invested in her.

In a recent interview with The Punch, she made this claim while saying she has nothing against women giving guys money.

Queeneth says she won’t think twice about lavishing her money on a man who shows her such consideration and caring.

The actress said; “I don’t know about other women, but as for me, I can only spend money on a man that has invested in me and has impacted my life. In that case, spending on him means nothing. Outside of that, I cannot spend money on a man who has not invested in me.”

"I can only spend money on a man that has invested in me" – Queeneth Agbor reveals

She explained her social media sex appeal, stating it was a coping mechanism she employed after losing her younger sister.

“I know people think I flaunt my sex appeal on social media. After mourning my kid sister, I needed to channel the pain properly by flaunting my God-given endowments. I did not even know I was flaunting it before now. If having a natural body in these days of BBL is sex appeal, that means I am on the right track,” Queeneth said.


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