‘I don’t indulge in wine, women or weed’ – Singer Ruger brags

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Just like other artists who usually indulge in wine, women or weed, fast-rising singer Ruger has said he is not involved in any of the aforementioned because he is outstanding.


“No, I am not into any of them”, he told Punch in a recent interview.


Speaking on the challenges he faced in the early days of his career, Ruger said, “The main challenge I had was the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Working during that time was hard because everyone was indoors. As a creative person, one has to experience certain things, but that could not happen then because one could not go out due to the lockdown.


I used the experience (of me going out to places) to make my songs. But then, I was just indoors making music. Everything was uncertain at that time and one did not know where the world was going because the pandemic shook the globe. However, I continued working hard and was releasing songs. The words of encouragement from everyone on my team also helped me get through that period.”


Advising his fellow budding artists on handling fame, the Dior Crooner said, “First, they should remember where they came from so that they would not lose focus. I will also advise them to limit the way they go out. If they go everywhere, they will hear all kinds of things. Many people do things for their selfish interests. If you go out too much, you may be misled by what other people are saying they heard about a particular person. It is good to be a bit reserved. As an artist, you should focus on your craft. Rome was not built in a day. A person cannot just ‘blow up’ (experience a breakthrough in the industry) in one day. You have to keep working and believing in your efforts. Also, keep believing in God.”


Ruger who has for the past few weeks been touring different cities, shares his experience, “For me, it is a reminder that I have to keep believing (in myself). I cannot afford to rest on my laurels. I cannot sit back and say that I have become successful and that people are now singing my songs. Rather, it is a reminder that I have to keep going hard. Whenever I go out and I hear people singing my songs word-for-word, it encourages me to do better. When I go to shows and I get a good reception, I get more ideas to go back to the studio and make other songs. The ideas are not just for the studio alone but for my social media posts as well to make my fans happy,” he noted.


‘I don’t indulge in wine, women or weed’ – Singer Ruger brags


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