I Don’t Owe Anybody An Explanation – Sefa On Questions About Her Body

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Sefa, the Black Avenue Muzik star, has challenged her critics to mind their own business when it comes to her physique.

She made it obvious in a recent interview on Thursday, September 28, 2023, that she doesn’t feel the need to defend her decisions about her body or her private life.

Sefa stated that her major goal is to create and share high-quality music. She stated her disinterest in other people’s perceptions of her, emphasizing that her music, not her personal life, should be the focus of attention.

When it comes to those who choose to focus on her personal life and appearance rather than her music, Sefa maintains that she has little control over the situation. She feels that her music’s quality should speak for itself.

“To do music and I make sure I put the music out and when it comes out, it’s good music,” she said, underlining her commitment to her craft.


Sefa revealed that she gets inquiries about her attractive physique frequently, which she attributed to people’s insatiable curiosity. To underscore their private character, she compared them to questioning someone about their intimate activities because she truly believes that such questions are personal matters.

She humorously challenged this by asking, “How would you feel if I just come up to you and ask you if you had sex the previous night?” She stressed that her personal life is her business, just as others’ personal lives are theirs.

Sefa admitted that while she avoids provocative behaviors or offering gossip-worthy information, people prefer to focus on tiny issues to discuss, which she thinks typical.

She credited her physical beauty and charm to taking good care of herself. She values self-care and things that bring her satisfaction and improve her self-esteem as she grows.


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