I Found Out He Was 51 On Our Wedding Day After Telling Me He Was 38 – Mr Ibu’s Daughter

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Jasmine Okafor, the adoptive daughter of Mr. Ibu, a well-known Nollywood actor, has bravely revealed details of her terrible marriage to her previous spouse.

Jasmine married her American fiancé in 2022, but their romance ended after nine months.

She wrote, “This was the best nine months of my life!” I have no regrets! I’m not going to settle with asking you about this multiple times before we start! I was devastated to learn this from your mother today.

“A foundation built upon a tiny lie won’t stand! I love how you loved me! But hate how you never mentioned your divorce or kids to me! Moving on, I don’t think I want anybody else! Just gonna love you from a distance.”

In an open discussion with Chude Jideonwo, the content creator divulged startling information on her marriage’s breakdown.

She said that her husband had deceived her by claiming to be 38 years old, and that on their wedding day, she had learned the truth—that he was actually 51.


She went on to say that her partner had assured her during their romance that he had never been married or father to any children. She did discover, though, that none of these accusations were true.

Jasmine uttered;

“Mr Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine has revealed that her husband told her he was 38 yrs old but she found out he was 51 yrs old on their wedding day.

“This guy told me he has never married in his life, or gotten a lady pregnant, in fact, he told me he was 38 years old. The day I found out that my husband was 51 years, old was on our wedding day”.


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