“I Have Acted for Decades, Yet I Can’t Buy a Car” Veteran Actress, Iya Gbonkan Cries Out for Help

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Margaret Bandele Olayinka, well known in Nollywood as Iya Gbonkan, has asked her fans and following for assistance.

Despite having been in the industry for decades, the veteran actress revealed that she does not possess a car.

She stated that she had been traveling to her destination daily on buses.

Iya Gbonkan begged her admirers and followers to honor her now, rather than waiting until after she had passed away to slaughter a cow.

Iya Gbonkan

“I have been acting for decades yet I don’t have a car. I jump on buses every day. If I die now, you will kill a cow. Celebrate me now that I am alive. I need a car from my fans”.

Iya Gbonkan, also known as Margaret Bandele OlayinkaListen (born 14 September 1958), is a veteran Nigerian actress who is best known for her eerie face expression.

Iya Gbonkan frequently plays a vengeful witch in Yoruba movies, which is made easier by her physical attributes. She gained notoriety in the early 1970s when she appeared in the television series Pa Yemi Elebu’bon by Ifa Olokun, as well as Olori Emere and Yekinni Ajileye’s Koto Orun.


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