I Have Not Featured Her In Any Of My Movies – Laide Bakare Speaks On Her Strained Relationship With Funke Akindele

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Laide Bakare, a prominent Nollywood actress, has spoken out about her previous work experience with her business colleague Funke Akindele.

In an exclusive interview with Legit, Laide reflected on a time when she and Funke shared a deep bond in the early stages of their spectacular cinematic careers.

Laide asserts that Funke Akindele and herself are not at odds, and Funke would be best suited to clarify why Funke hasn’t included Laide in any of her films.

Laide recounted an earlier occasion when, while they were both students at the University of Lagos, Funke neglected to show up for the premiere of her first motion picture. She thought it was odd that Funke had called but hadn’t shown up for the occasion.

I have not featured her in any of my movies – Laide Bakare speaks on her strained relationship with Funke Akindele

Laide Bakare stated that she has closely observed Funke Akindele and feels that Funke, being a mother of two, is proactive, decisive, and knows exactly what she wants.

She said;

“I don’t know why. We started together, we were close from the beginning. Maybe she works with people she is comfortable with. I don’t know, she is in the best position to answer that. I have also not featured her in any of my movies before. I invited her more than two times. There was a time when I invited her to be my MC.“

There was another time I invited her to my first movie, we were in Unilag then. She packed two different boxes of costumes, and as we were about to get onto the bus, I think she got a call. We spoke about it and she felt it was best she didn’t follow us.

“For me, it was weird. I started seeing her as someone who knows what she wants. She has been able to build herself and it works with her.”


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