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I Have The Support Of Asantewaa’s Husband – Manager Reveals

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There have been many rumors about the famous TikToker Asantewaa and her manager Cassious. The two have been tagged as having a sexual relationship aside from the working relationship that they spoke of. Sometimes her husband gets tip-offs from people which he reacts to in a very haste manner but gets to the scene and finds out it’s not true.

Cassious has been behind all the good videos that Asantewaa has been churning out and she has done so well over the days. he has stated recently that he has the support of Asantewaas’s husband in managing Asantewaa.

Speaking further he said- People talk about the content because they are humans but that should not stop you, the only problem I had at the time was her husband and he was behind it. He didn’t have any problem; he was in support. Sometimes you guys should imagine who is behind the camera when we are pictured together.


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