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I Hope She Sought For Their Permission Before Talking About Their Intimate Issues – Fans Worry About Possible Lawsuit Against Yvonne Nelson

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I want to term this the Revelations of Yvonne Nelson as this very book contains a lot and there are people whose names have been mentioned and many said about them in relation to the author. Yvonne has taken her time to write down all that she went through in life.

The book that is making so many waves now has all about her, her pains, gains, and all the lessons and benefits that her decision threw at her. there is this concern that has been raised by some users of social media and that is if she sorts permission from the people she wrote about.

Most importantly those whose sexual involvement with her she hinted on. some are saying there is the likelihood of a lawsuit against her by those she wrote about if she didn’t seek permission from them. What she wrote on some people can ruin their relationship with others. Let us see how things unfold.


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