“I Just Want To Sleep And Never Wake Up Again” – Gracious Brown, James Brown Sister Shares Cryptic Post

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The sister of famed transgender blogger Gracious Brown has sparked widespread concern among online users after posting a distressing photo on her Instagram story.

The emotional admission has provoked fury and an outpouring of sympathy from fans and worried internet users alike.

Gracious Brown spoke up to her fans about her inner anguish, including her battle with suicidal thoughts and the challenges she faces in finding comfort in her life.

Gracious Brown quickly took to Instagram to post a touching picture of her eyes full of tears, revealing the depth of her suffering.

“I just want to sleep and never wake up again” - Gracious Brown, James Brown sister shares cryptic post

On her Instagram story, she wrote:

“I just want to sleep and never wake up again. I can’t live my life in peace again. This is too much for me.”

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“I Just Want To Sleep And Never Wake Up Again” – Gracious Brown, James Brown Sister Shares Cryptic Post
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