I Never Said Your Daughter Was For Another Man – Linda Ikeji Sets The Record Straight

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Controversial Nigerian blogger, Linda Ifeoma Ikeji has reacted to claims by actress and former wife of Musa Danjuma, Caroline Danjuma Hutchings for alleging she was a major factor in the collapse of her marriage.

Taking to Instagram, Linda Ikeji shared a screenshot of all the stories she had written about the actress as prove that she had never said anything about her having her child with another man.

“Just to set the record straight because people like to believe these things especially when a celebrity makes the claim. In it’s 16 years of blogging, Linda Ikeji Blog NEVER EVER wrote that Caroline Danjuma’s daughter is not for her husband. Not only didn’t Linda Ikeji Blog write this, no other blog in Nigeria or beyond wrote this.

If this was a story written by Linda Ikeji Blog, a lot of other blogs would have carried it. There is no such story online on the thousands of blogs that exist in Nigeria. This is a story that was NEVER written about Caroline Danjuma. It doesn’t exist. PERIOD. Feel free to Google…”

She added that Caroline Danjuma is fond of blaming people fro her failed marriage instead of accepting responsibility for her own actions that may have caused the collapse and working on herself.

“…Two things that we want to make clear. Everyone who knows Caroline Danjuma, knows she blames everyone else for the demise of her marriage. It’s never her fault or the fault of her ex. Even in this so called reality show, another cast member said she lied when she said Linda Ikeji blog contributed to the end of her marriage and mentioned another cast member who Caroline has for years blamed for the end of her marriage. We hope the show airs that episode.”

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