“I Said Yes To Him” – Caroline Danjuma Hints At Engagement

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Popular Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma has recently posted on social media that she is engaged to an unidentified man.


Caroline Danjuma claimed in a post on Instagram that she accepted a marriage proposal from a man and “said yes to him,”.


In a subsequent post, she also wrote: “When Christ says it is time”


Social media users and cyber trolls have already made assumptions about what she meant by that.


Check out her photos below;

In more news, Caroline Danjuma has received harsh criticism from fans who have made fun of her for lying about her age.


The stunning actress celebrated her birthday with glitzy photos and a solemn pledge hours before this.


You would recall that Caroline Danjuma disclosed her age to the public after being subjected to internet abuse following her outfit and appearance at her 35th birthday celebration.


The stunning actress caused a stir online when she repeatedly claimed to be older than 40. Many said that the actress was lying by bringing up old incidents that had brought them and the actress together.


In her bid to defend her claims, Caroline Danjuma said that her mother is in her 50s and has played a variety of parts in movies since anyone can accomplish that with the aid of a makeover.


Read the caption below


Trilogy … this is my mum who is in her 50’s, so how in God’s name will I be 46 ???????? Am I reducing my age because…


In the latest development, a young colleague accused Caroline Danjuma of appearing in a movie he formerly co-produced when she was younger on the micro-blogging page, Twitter.


“I Said Yes To Him” – Caroline Danjuma Hints At Engagement


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