“I Spoke To Murphy 30mins Before He Died, He Predicted His Death” – Adebayo Tijani Makes New Revelation

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Nollywood actor Adebayo Tijani has revealed his conversation with his late actor, Murphy Afolabi. In an interview with Goldmyne TV during his funeral, Tijani claimed that he had spoken to Murphy Afolabi 30 minutes before his death and Murphy had predicted his death.

Adebayo revealed that Murphy made some statements about death during their conversation but he didn’t read meaning to it because Murphy was being his usual jovial self.

He said; “We still spoke yesterday, we spoke around 9:30 and he fell around 10 am. I was called immediately and we drove him to the hospital but he died before we got to the hospital.”

“He called me after his birthday that I should come and take some of the clothes he used for his birthday shoot. I told him not to worry but I didn’t know he was passing a message across to me.”

“He sent money for a contribution we always do on Sundays, he sent it early and I questioned his choice to send it early. His response was we don’t know what will happen the next day or in the next minute. I didn’t know he was bidding me farewell.”

Speaking on Murphy Afolabi’s personality, he described the last actor as someone who doesn’t take life seriously.

“When he was alive, he always wants us to do things together. We can’t question God but I’m really touched. He is still young and we started together. I shot his first movie and he was the first person that discovered my acting skills. We have done a lot together, we have fought and settled. I know everything about him.”


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