“I Vow To Love You With The Devotion Of A True Akwa Ibom Woman” — Queen Atang Tells Her Fiancé, King David

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Amidst the uproar surrounding their engagement, Queen Mercy writes a heartfelt letter to King David.

Following the reality TV star’s recent engagement announcement, her baby daddy, Lord Lamba, filed a petition for full custody of their daughter.

Queen is still quite vocal about her fiance’s affections, but she has not yet commented on the legal issue.

He only wanted the finest for his future bride, so she wrote with joy that he had bought her a diamond ring.

BBNaija Star, Queen Atang Shares Photos Of Her Husband-to-be Hours After Announcing Engagement

She promised to love him back with all the ardor of a true Akwa Ibom woman.

According to her

“My fiancé said, “My dear Queen, it’s diamonds for you, babe.” When I asked why he spent so much, he replied, “Because you mean the world to me.” As Pastor Jerry Eze would ask, “How will you shout?”Well, I’ve lost my voice; I can’t shout anymore. Instead, I’m filled with gratitude and thankfulness to God. To my dear husband to be @iam_kingdaivid I vow to love you with the depth and devotion of a true Akwa Ibom woman to her husband. You’ve signed up for boundless love. Till the wheels fall off.. ❤️❤️❤️ diamondsareforever


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