I Want To Stay Away From People’s Issues – King Tonto Prays

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Controversial Nigerian actress and philanthropist, Tonto Dikeh affectionately called King Tonto hinted that she wants to stay off issues that do not concern her in any way for the rest of her life.


Taking to her Instagram account, Tonto Dikeh shared a written prayer where she prayed to God to strengthen her to progress rather than focus on other people’s issues. She added for now she wishes to judge no one else but herself and only worry about things that are hers.


“Dear Lord help me to continually stay away from other peoples issues, give me more progress with my business growing each day to ignore another man’s sins..May I only judge me and concern myself with only thing that is mine!! May the downfall of anyone not be my glory!! Amen”, she wrote.


Tonto Dikeh recently revealed that she intends to change enemies as her current enemies have proved to her that they are broke to the extent that even in her dreams they are not able to provide a decent meal for her.


“I don’t understand these kind enemies I get oooh, una wan fight me for dream you come dey invite me come your house, I come you give me half meat, the other one give me fish eyes. Abeg abeg abeg I ki want fight una again😒, I wan change my enemies these ones done stingy reach dream.. I want rich enemies that will be giving me turkey and chicken🥺🥺😩😫. The kingdom of darkness is in SAPA 🤣😂🤣😂”.

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