‘I Was Mischievous As A Child’ – Kie Kie Reveals

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Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori aka KieKie, a comedian-turned-actor, recalled her mischievous childhood days as the house’s last child.

Speaking during an interview on the Tea with Tay podcast, she said, “I am the last child. Being the last child comes with a lot of mischief.

I was very mischievous as a child. And, that made me to get away with many things. I attended a girls only school, and I stayed in the hostel. Since I was very young, my parents had known that I was going to be a child of wonders. At no point did they try to stop me.”

The young mother of one added that she does not try to be kind to everyone because, regardless of what she does well or poorly, not everyone will like her.

“I don’t believe that things should be handed to me. I believe in owning it. I believe that I am enough. I don’ try to be unnecessarily nice or friendly with people. That is one reality many people are not really open to. No one likes everybody or everything. There are some foods that one does not like. So, why should everybody like one?

Kiekie shows off baby bump as she dedicates a new song to her child - eelive

“I said to myself if I was not given a platform, I would create one myself. As of that time, I had started posting fashion content, and I had 20,000 followers on Instagram.”

It should be remembered that the media personality announced the birth of a bouncing baby girl in late 2022.

Kie Kie went on to say that the baby’s name is Oluwashonaolami Olori, but she prefers to be called Nola.

The Skitmaker and her husband married in February 2020 but kept the news private.

When she showed off her baby bump, she also dedicated a song to her unborn child.

The song titled “L’oruko Jesu (Prayer for Oluwashonaolami)” features the Akinpelu girls. It is filled with prayers for her child, wishing he’d grow without stress while having a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Kie Kie captioned her post: “Look who’s going to be a mummy. Me wey never fall dann inside rain before! One small drizzle bayi! I fell pregnant Danu Danu!”



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