‘I Will Never Bow To Tribal Bigots’ – Iyabo Ojo Blasts Critics As Loggerheads With Sanwo-Olu Continues

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Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, has slammed opponents of the Lagos State government’s current squabbles.

It was previously alleged that the actress had threatened to arrest the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

She was given a seven-day deadline by the state government to pay N18,640,092.00 in personal income tax or risk going to jail.

The assessment notification states that Iyabo Ojo owes N7,376,000.00 in taxes for the year 2022 and N11,264,092 in unpaid taxes for the income year 2021.

She had seven days to settle the debt or suffer the consequences.

Iyabo Ojo responded with a lengthy post on her Instagram page, expressing her anger at how the government came up with such an exorbitant number.

The actress stated that she had previously submitted a complaint about the tax issue, but nothing was done.

Iyabo Ojo went on to say that she isn’t paying anything and that the Sanwo-Olu can arrest, imprison, or kill her since she isn’t afraid of dying.

‘I Will Never Bow To Tribal Bigots’ – Iyabo Ojo Blasts Critics As Loggerheads With Sanwo-Olu Continues

Regarding the matter, some online users criticized and teased her while bringing up her support for Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate.

The actress uploaded another tweet declaring she will not submit to any tribal bigots after subsequently deleting the social media post criticizing Sanwo-Olu.

She also reaffirmed her support for Peter Obi and said she would not be scared to speak up for a better Nigeria.

Iyabo Ojo added that her belief will only change if after 8 years Nigeria has renewed hope.

She wrote: “I stand & re stan obediently on my beliefs….. I can never be pressured nor shaken ……. I will never bow down to tribal bigots…. I want a better Nigeria, i don’t care whose ego gets bruised…. we can not all believe in the same thing

“I see no tribe. I only see my country, I’m a Nigerian…. I am not afraid of death, for that is inevitable…

I will never be afraid to air my opinion, for that is my right….

“I have no enemies, We may not all believe in the same course, we may not see things the same way but you’re not my enemy bcos at the end of the day, either, good or bad.. we’re in it together …. we’re all citizens of Nigeria…….

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“I have empathy for my country & not for stomach infrastructure……. If after 8 years Nigeria has a renewed hope, then my beliefs may change, but till then, i obediently stand on my beliefs ….. if you didn’t make me, you can’t break me, you can take the body but never my soul.”


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