I Won’t Take Back My Husband If He Cheats – Anita Joseph

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Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has revealed that though she loves her husband very much, she will never take him back if he is to cheat on her during their marriage.


Anita Joseph who is always seen frolicking about with her husband Fisayo Olagunju popularly known as MC Fish on social media in an interview with Kemi Filan News explained that though it will be a difficult decision for her to make, she would never take back a cheating partner.


“Hmmmmm that’s tough oh. But Nooo I won’t take him back”, she said.


When asked if she could ever tattoo her husband’s name or face on her body, she answered in the affirmative adding that it was nobody’s business what she does to her body. She also added that her husband can also do same.


“Yes, why not? After all it is nobody’s business. He can tattoo mine too so there’s nothing there”, she said.


Anita Joseph explained that though marriage comes with a lot of pressure one can succeed in their marriage if they apply very sound marriage tips. Using hers as an example, she hinted that she inherited some marriage tips from her mom which has helped her in her own marriage.


“Celebrity marriage is not easy a lot of pressure out there but you must kwechiri (stubborn). I don’t really do anything special to maintain my marriage but I put God first. I also knew what I wanted before going into marriage. What my mother taught me about marriage is still embedded in me. I have a lot of marriage tips that I’ve given out for free to some of my ardent followers, but now I want to sell those tips (laughs).


My mum taught me to shut up when hubby is talking and not to talk back especially in arguments; two captains can’t be in one ship for that ship to move smoothly. Well, it is not like you can’t say your piece but there is a time to pause and let him talk. These things are not easy but for two to work you must agree”



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