If A Woman Loves Herself, She Will Stick To What God Gave Her – Gloria Young

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Veteran Nigerian movie actress, Gloria Young has chipped in her two cents on the trendy issue of ladies undergoing all sorts of procedures in the name of getting their desired body shape and features.


In a recent interview, the actress ruled out the argument that those who are into cosmetic surgeries do it for themselves. She added that any woman who loves herself will accept and stick with whatever she is given from birth.




“They are trying to impress others. I don’t understand what they mean by ‘they are doing it for themselves’. If a woman loves herself, she will stick to what God gave to her and make the best out of it. Dress appropriately.”


She also revealed that had stopped some of her colleagues from doing cosmetic surgeries, adding that it can become a difficult habit to stop once you get into it.


” have actually stopped a few of my colleagues from ‘going under the knife’. It is totally wrong. It will become a habit which will be hard to stop. Also, it is money going down the drain which could be used for something else. There are many hungry people out there, yet these women are using that money to give themselves extra butt. That is their business anyway.”

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