If Celebs Stop Taking Money From Politicians, They Will Start Seeing Us As A Serious People – Regina Chukwu

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The aftermath of the Owo massacre has indeed sparked a discussion across board in Nigeria and it seems actress, Regina Chukwu has no plans of leaving that discussion to rest after threatening to beat up any celeb that campaigns for politicians.


In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, Regina Chukwu explained the reason behind her decision to assault her fellow Nigerian stars. According to the thespian, entertainers have the ability to influence the people in any direction citing the booming industry of influencers as an example.


She added that even though each person has the right to choose who to lead the country, celebs should leave the people to decide for themselves, rather than take money from politicians and influence their followers to vote for those politicians.




“Entertainers influence people. Or, why do you think business owners pay entertainers to influence the sale of their products? Let’s not be biased. We have some die-hard fans and they would support whichever politician we are behind.”


“I was highly emotional after the killings in Owo. It is high time we (entertainers) change our attitude towards campaigning for politicians. I know it is a personal decision. However, we have been doing the same thing over and again, so why don’t we do it in another way this time around? I believe people should be allowed to vote for the leaders they desire for themselves. It is not like we are doing it for the love of the country. After collecting all these monies, what do we gain after the elections?”




“If we reject money from these politicians, they will start to see us as serious people. I will start campaigning on my page, imploring people not to sell their votes,” she added.

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