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‘If Sonnie Badu Turns Into A Pig, We Will Eat Him’ – Chief Binney

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Sonnie Badu is still in trouble over the preaching he made about the consumption of pigs. He was only teaching about unclean things that will make the individual prone to spiritual attack. Heb said for the devil to attack you.

They look at your spiritual appetite and when you are fond of consuming unclean things, they will capitalize on that and get through to you. He mentioned pork and that has gotten many talking at him. Even colleague men of God have also spoken against him for saying that.

The attack is coming because pork is the delicacy of many and talking about it being unclear is not a thing that they want to accept from him. A former Deputy Organizer for the National Democratic Congress, Chief Binney, has reacted to the comment. He said even if the preacher should become a pig, he will consume him as a pig.


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