If You Are Waiting For Peter Obi To Lose So That You Will Laugh At Me, That’s Your Business- Mr. P.

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The election year is getting tense in Nigeria as many are trolling others as to whom one supports or not and others are optimistic that their preferred candidate will win so they laugh at other. Peter Okoye one of the duo from the legendary Psquare area has this to tell the populace. The famous singer is popularly known as Mr. P.

He left a message for those who are criticizing him for his choice of presidential candidate ahead of the 2023 election. It’s common knowledge that he is a staunch supporter of Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, and speaking in a video recently, Mr. P told those hoping to laugh at him if Peter Obi loses that he wouldn’t care about that.

Check this out;

If You Are Waiting For Peter Obi To Lose So That You Will Laugh At Me, That's Your Business- Mr. P.

There are his words “I don’t care about whom you support, you can support anybody you want to support and I support his excellency, Mr. Peter Obi. The election will come and pass, your conscience will be the one dealing with you. If you are waiting for Peter Obi to lose the election so that you will come and laugh at me, that’s your business. As I’ve said before, my life will be the same. Whether Atiku wins, Kwankwaso, Tinubu, or Peter Obi, my life will be the same. But the question will be, how is your own life?


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