If you ask a lady ‘how are you’ & she replies ‘I am not fine’, ‘don’t ask her why’ it’s a trap to bill you

has once again dished out some words of advice to men with regard to how to escape unnecessary bills from ladies.

It is true that one thing that is most dreaded by guys is when a lady shifts some unnecessary responsibilities on them.

Usually, when you ask a girl how she is doing, and she gives you answers such as ‘hmmmm‘, ‘I am not fine‘, etc., just know the next thing would be she narrating the current troubles she is in.

They’re likely to tell you they are sick, they owe rent, they lost their phone, they need money for saloon, they haven’t eaten, among other things.

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As a gentleman, you would feel pressured to send the lady some money.

This is not a bad thing to do. However, sometimes, it could be that you are also on a tight-budget — you probably have nothing on you.

But most ladies do not understand this. Your failure to help them would mean you are one stingy human being.

Well, to escape this, El Lizato has suggested that if you ask a lady ‘how are you?’ and she replies ‘I am not fine’, don’t ask her why. It could be a trap. El Lizato says just tell the lady, ‘May God be with you‘.

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After that you can probably go offline.

If you ask a lady 'how are you' & she replies 'I am not fine', 'don't ask her why' it's a trap to bill you

Such a smart way to escape unnecessary bills, isn’t it?

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