If You Can’t Add Value To A Life Don’t Tear It Apart – Ifu Ennada Writes

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Famous Nigerian actress and reality show star, Ifu Ennada has penned a deep message to her fans as she advises them to be there for those who need them in one way or the other.


Taking to her social media, Ifu Ennada called on her fans to stand for people who feel down and be their strength. She added that we must also show kindness to people in need and remind people when they forget who there are.




“When someone is down, be their strength, when they’re in need, show them kindness. If they forget who they are, remind them. If you can’t add value to a life, don’t tear it apart.”




A few days ago, Ifu Ennada advised that we watch the kind of words we use at people at it may act as a catalyst to something unfortunate after a troll called her unattractive.


“Her words were really unkind and I can’t lie, she made me feel very bad. I hope people can be reasonable when they hate on someone who has done nothing to them…Not everyone has a strong mind or a strong will…You never know how your words will meet someone. You could troll a depressed person and your unkind words could be what drives them to take their life…”

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