If You Don’t Have Your PVC, You Are Part OF Nigeria’s Problem – Kanayo O Kanayo

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Veteran Nigerian actor, producer cum lawyer Kanayo O Kanayo has opined that Nigerians who have not yet prepared themselves for the next elections by getting their Permanent Voting Cards (PVC) are a part of the reason Nigeria is in crisis.


Taking to his Instagram account, the thespian said the power to change Nigeria lies in the hands of Nigerians to vote to choose a better leader for the nation. He added that voting is even better than going to church or the mosque to pray.




“You and I have the power to save our country. No one can do it but you. Do not say your vote will not count. First, go and perform your civic responsibility of casting your vote. Going to vote is better than going to church or mosque. Do not misunderstand me…”


He went on to say that the only way Nigerians can make their voice heard is by going to the polling station to vote and not on social media or in church hinting that anyone who does not have a PVC is a part of Nigeria’s problem.


“There is no In Jesus Name where they are voting that is why you have been saying In Jesus Name and these guys have been doing the same thing. There is no voting on social media. It is a physical exercise. If by now you have not gotten your Permanent Voters Card, you have become part of the problem of Nigeria. I tell you that”


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