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If You Knew What She Told Me About You Anka You’ll Run – Asantewaa Warns Fella Makafui To Dump Eyram As A Friend

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If we all know what people say about us and do behind us or in our absence, even good morning as a greeting we won’t offer some people but all because we do not know of it that is why we are still in their company and laughing with them.

There is this grudge between Eyram and Asantewaa the famous TikToker and that is still eating Asantewaa up as it is alleged that she gave money to Eyram to put up a building for her and that money was squandered by Eyram.

Asantewaa has said in a recent post that if Fella Makafui knows what Eyram told her about her, she will stop following her. She is shocked when she sees Fella entertaining Eyram all because she does not know what is going on at her blindside. That is life because we don’t know we freely live with the enemy thinking we are in the right company.


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