“If You Know How Fast The Dead Is Forgotten You’d Enjoy Everyday You Have” – Nedu Wazobia

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Things happening in Nigeria and all over the world during these ember months have been making celebrities give out advice to their followers to stay safe and enjoy the time they have on earth. One of the Nigerian celebrities who have dished out advice to his followers is Nedu Wazobia.

Nedu Wazobia, birth name, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel is a radio presenter, Tv presenter, broadcast journalist, Comedian, and Actor. He is known for talking a lot, especially on air.

Going on Instagram he shared a video of himself dancing while eating. In the caption, he said, “If you know how fast the dead are forgotten, you had enjoyed every second, every minute, and every day you have”.

Check it out below:

"If You Know How Fast The Dead Is Forgotten You'd Enjoy Everyday You Have" - Nedu Wazobia

With all that is happening now, it’s better to have people who encourage humanity to stay positive and leave their best lives. Not in a way that will harm our neighbor or us, but a productive one.


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