Igbo And Shayo Meaning

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The song Last Last was released in May 2022 by Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer. In less than a month, the songs amassed millions of streams and were an instant hit all over the world.

People also question what the lyrics’ true meaning is because the Afro singer uses a dialect that combines English and Yoruba. We will explore it in this article.

Igbo And Shayo Meaning

Burna Boy, a very skilled and well-known musician, has just released the wonderful and seductive hit song “Igbo & Shayo.”

Igbo & Shayo is a song that emphasizes happiness and having a great time. The chorus becomes obvious as a result: Burna Boy uses drinking and smoking as a coping mechanism for his heartbreak and anguish.

The Yoruba words “igbo” mean “weed” and “shayo” mean “alcohol”

I need Igbo and shayo (Shayo)
I need Igbo and shayo (Shayo)

Burna Boy’s sorrow is genuine; he uses the slang phrase “my feelings been dey swing like jangolova” to describe how his emotions have been swinging up and down like a rollercoaster (Jangolova is the Nigerian English word that refers to the playground).

And near the song’s conclusion, the singer expressly claims that he did everything she asked of him and that it still didn’t work. He ponders the possibility that, had things been different, the girl might have ended up as his wife.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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