Ik Ogbonna Discusses His Intentions To Get Married Again.

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Ikechukwu Ogbonna, one of Nollywood’s cutest actors whose marriage to Sonia Morales ended in 2019, has disclosed his intentions to try marriage once more.IK Ogbonna, a parent of two, recently revealed his goals in an interview.

Ik Ogbonna also clarified how his first marriage ended and how the allegations of infidelity against him came to be.

I am someone who would not discriminate; I have dated across faiths and tribes, the man responded when asked why he has not been tempted to mingle well with any Nigerian woman.

I don’t query someone’s motives by staring at them; instead, I just happen to associate with certain types of people—we call it “spec”—more often than not.

You know when people tell you or say that your spec is half-caste, it turns into that you are attracted to half-castes, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t dated dark-skinned people. Therefore, there is no prejudice; I just go where I am.

Ik Ogbonna Discusses His Intentions To Get Married Again.

“We never say never, the fair-skinned actor said when asked about his intentions to get married again shortly.

Since I don’t want to get divorced twice, the doors are still wide open for me. However, it’s undoubtedly true that in life you tend to look for specific traits in a woman.

I’m planning to get married again, but I want to find someone I can stay with who has certain traits and a certain personality. If worst comes to worst, I can hang onto this woman and keep going.


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