IK Ogbonna Remembers What Was Perhaps One Of His Saddest Days.

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The fair-skinned star lost his cherished mother, according to report from January.

IK Ogbonna wrote a letter of thanks to his coworkers who helped him, especially his best buddy Alex Ekubo, a month after the burial.

Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna has recounted how his coworkers helped him during his mother’s passing and funeral.

He remembered how some of his friends came through to make him smile, noting how that day is still one of his saddest days.

IK Ogbonna Remembers What Was Perhaps One Of His Saddest Days.

IK Ogbonna stated that although many guests left due to the gunfight between unidentified gunmen and the police, other men and women stuck it out for him.

“On one of my most depressing days ever. A couple pals stopped by to brighten my day. Due to the firefight between UGM and the police, many visitors left.

However, these men and women survived the storm, and I am grateful to you all. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who was unable to attend, and I hope my state will at least build an airport for us.

I also had a strong support system that wasn’t able to see me in person. but made every effort to ensure that my mum was laid to rest in peace. I can’t put your names here, but please know that I will always be grateful. God bless you.

May God bless @alexekubo and @vintagedeluxeinteriors for me; you were there from the beginning until my mother’s funeral and beyond. You will always be my brother.

Sleep peacefully, sweet mother”.


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