‘I’ll Be Running For President Of Nigeria Soon,’ Says Actor Hanks Anuku, Dismissing Mental Illness.

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Hanks Anuku, a well-known veteran actor, has convinced Nigerians that he is fine and may run for the country’s highest office, that of President.

The contentious actor was responding to viral videos of himself in Asaba and Benin City, looking unkempt and roaming the streets.

Hanks Anuku also stated that there was nothing wrong with him and that he was fine. On Friday, the actor stated that he is not who people think he is.

“I will never be what they say I am because I am more important.” I’m currently in Asaba and doing well.

“I am alive, sane, strong, blessed, and prosperous.” “I will run for President of Nigeria,” he announced.

When asked which political party he would support, Nonso Ofole, a close associate, said, “We’ll publicly declare that in due course in the appropriate dispensation.” For the time being, we are rooting for Peter Obi’s presidency.”

The actor, however, cannot run for president in this administration because the deadline for parties to select their candidates has passed.


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