I’ll Gladly Accept Political Appointment; I’m Of Age, Have A Lot To Offer – Rex Omar

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Rex Omar, a Ghanaian musician and politician, has declared his willingness to accept a governmental role if given the opportunity.

On Saturday, March 3, 2024, in an interview with Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, the ardent supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said that, should the position suit his qualifications, he would be ready to make a constructive contribution to the nation’s advancement.

“I will [accept a political appointment] because now I think I am of age and I think if I am given any appointment that is within my capacity, I will be able to contribute positively to the development of this country,” he told the host Kwame Dadzie.

Asked if he would want to hold a position at the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, he answered that “when we get to that road, we will cross it because at the end of the day all these positions are political appointments and so long as you are smart and intelligent and you know what is going on in this country, wherever they put you, you can deliver if you really want to.”

The ‘Abiba’ hitmaker expressed his perspective on the health of Ghana’s democracy, saying that the country’s administration would improve if the presidential term was reviewed.

Rex Omar

He stated that the existing four-year tenure is insufficient for any government to have a major impact on the economy.

“Because America does elections every four years, we also jump on the bandwagon but the question is, America’s democracy is over 200 years. We just started, okay. So look at our situation,” he said.

He suggested that a six-year term would give room for the government in power to perform creditably.

The whole situation is, look at our scenario. After election, the first year is now that the government is being formed, the appointments and all these things. By the time the government settles to actually start to roll out its programme, you are getting to two years,” he added.
Rex Omar has played a significant role in the administration of intellectual property and has been heavily involved in advocacy for the music business.

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