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I’m Going Through A Lot – Sista Afia Reveals

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Problems are no respecter of a person. No matter what you are you will face one problem or the other.

Sista Afia is a very popular artist in the music industry of Ghana. She is seen to be without any difficulty but she has just admitted that she is going through a lot.

She said this in an interview with ZionFelkix a very popular YouTuber in the country. for some weeks now she has been through a lot and she is even scared to make mention of them. The status at which she is does not even permit her to put out her problems.

They will be used against her. Being the last time, she added that the problems she went through are private and she cannot share them. Life is not rosy anywhere. Everybody has a problem in one way or the other. Let us be there for each other in our little way.


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