“I’m Going To Lagos And Drag You For Ground” – Comedian Mr Jollof Accuses Zinoleesky Of Owing Him N5 Million.

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Freedom Okpetoritse Atsepoyi, a Nigerian comedian and media personality known as Mr Jollof, has accused singer Oniyide Azeez, also known as Zinoleesky, of breach of contract.

Mr Jollof took to Twitter to criticize the singer. He posted a video of himself slamming Zenoleesky for failing to perform at an event after paying him a whopping five million Naira. The former also stated that the latter only attended the event and did nothing else.

“Anything you’re carrying for Zinoleesky’s back, just stop am.” Do you hear what I’m saying? Anything you believe, say na my 5 million, you can keep. Abi, you never check my record, and you never look up my name on Google.

“This Zino you never check, they never tell you who Jollof is?” Abi, because I have been quiet for a year, Una feels that I have lost my coat. Just say whatever you want… I’m going to go* you for ground nothing go sup. Nothing go sup, no be say you go kon dey talk. Some say ennh shebi Una sign agreement, but I don’t have to because my money is in their account, simple and short. Any pictures of you holding a microphone, Abi?

“I don’t say make you…. I even see and hear people say, “É be like say you hold something wey be like a weed.” I’m not even sure how the bouncer let you in there, but I don’t believe the substance inside is weed. You want to smoke weed and casmigua when you’re young. No, just try…as I always say, no, just try me. “Hmm…mtcheeew…nobody give me money o!” Yes, Na my money, so everything that one wey… I’ll dash you the cash. If you get sense, please send me a message as soon as possible.

“Everyone just act professional you small Zinoleesky first wetin be your school degree?” You have no idea who I am. You just call me …you no ask for the organizer of the event.

“You just dey pump…dey pump, you know what five million give you?” You never even sing your…first song. You will not finish for your mind. Who knows who you are?

“You think you’re a star?” They recognize me and pass you. Everyone who came to see me, you think it’s because of you? If I want to do a concert, I’ll contact Burna Boy or Wizkid. Everyone has arrived at Arrow Park.

“Enh, if you carry court in front, I’ll carry army in front, so I’ll know who gets power pass between your court and the Nigerian Army.”


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