“I’m Not Just An Artist. I Do Prophetic Music” -Bella Shmurda Reveals

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Bella Shmurda, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, has said that he considers himself a prophetic artist.

Bella Shmurda says he plans to show off his prophetic side more in 2024.

WeTalkSound filmed a documentary during Tension Rave 2024 about Bella Shmurda’s personal life, including his ascent to the top of the music industry, his experiences as a dad, and his attraction to Ibadan.

Bella Shmurda discussed the reasons behind his yearly return trip to Ibadan throughout the debate. He claims he fell in love with Ibadan because the city accepted him early in his career and offered him his first headline show.

“I want to bring entertainment to Ibadan. I want people to know Ibadan,”

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Bella Shmurda tells that he approaches music from a spiritual perspective and gives details about his creative process and inspiration sources.

He claimed that he prays to God for inspiration before recording, allowing him to write songs about predictions.

“I’m not just an artist. I do prophetic music and this will be more in 2024,”

Bella Shmurda said that having a child in 2023 inspired him to work hard so that he could leave a legacy for himself.

“I don’t want my son to grow up to say ‘My father used to sing’. I want him to turn on the TV and see his father”.

Bella Shmurda discussed his journey and the challenges that brought him notoriety. He told the story of how he stole keke to make money.

In the viral video, the musician was seen reflecting on his rise to popularity and the difficulties he faced.

Bella Shmurda explained that, despite trying a variety of things, not everything worked out, leading him to make poor decisions.

Bella Shmurda admitted that he stole a keke to obtain much-needed funds when he was struggling financially and wanted to make ends meet.

The artist thanked God for guiding him through those difficult times and landing him a career in the field.


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