“I’m Not Using Mawu Mawu” – Gracious Brown Responds To Allegations Of Taking Local Body-Enhancing Drugs For Pigs

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Gracious Brown finally responds to claims of utilizing local body enhancing medications, which are often given to pigs, following her remarkable weight increase.

The well-known cross-dresser’s sister addressed online criticism thrown at her on her Instagram page.

The content creator had previously revealed that she was regularly attacked by several users on the internet for being underweight.

She claimed that other users would ask if she didn’t have blood tonic at home and would provide unwanted advice on products that would help her acquire weight.

Gracious Brown admits to using weight gain vitamins, but not mawu mawu, as she had been accused of doing.

She stated that, while cyberbullying might have a harmful psychological impact on celebrities and content creators, it should be stopped since they, too, are humans with feelings.

“I’m not using mawu mawu” - Gracious Brown responds to allegations of taking local body-enhancing drugs for pigs

In other news, Nigerian award-winning musician Davido has gone viral on the internet with his brand-new, multimillion-dollar diamond ring that sports the recognizable “001” symbol.

The performer, who is most known for the song “Unavailable,” flaunted his current “Ice stoned” ring on Instagram along with his performance attire from “A Night with the Generals.”

The ‘001’ ring is embellished with Nigeria’s flag colors of green, white, and green on one side and bears an inscription from Davido’s fourth studio album, ‘Timeless. It also bears his Mantra, ‘We Rise by Lifting Others’.

In the video posted by jeweler Christopher Will &Co, the ring contains 4CT Emerald green stones and 9CT VVS Natural Diamonds in 14KT solid Two Tone.

This comes after Davido flaunted diamonds worth N47 million ($32,000) lodged in his teeth.


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