In The Midst Of Rumored Mental Illness, Actor Hanks Anuku Storms Zubby Michaels’ Party.

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Hanks Anuku, a veteran actor, has been sighted for the first time since reports of his alleged mental illness surfaced.

The legendary actor was sighted at an event hosted by his junior colleague, Zubby Michaels.

According to report, Zubby Michaels held his annual Eze Ndi Ala Day in his hometown, where he distributed millions. Zubby Michaels distributed N10 million and more to ten people.

Zubby disclosed Hanks Anuku was among the party guests, who also included Yul Edochie, Destiny Etiko, and others, in an appreciation post to his colleagues for attending.

This comes just a few days after comedian Nas Boi raised concern about the actor’s health.

According to report, the actor made headlines in November after a video of him wandering the streets looking tattered went viral.

Nas Boi had questioned why celebrities were covering up the actor’s mental illness and pretending that he was healthy.

The comedian, who met Hanks Anuku in Asaba, shared his less-than-pleasant encounter with him.

He confirmed that the actor is not well after spotting him wandering the streets of Asaba, looking helpless.

In The Midst Of Rumored Mental Illness, Actor Hanks Anuku Storms Zubby Michaels' Party.


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