The veteran who touched down in as a Kindertranspor refugee who later became a judge had passed away at the age of 91.

got to London without any clothes and nothing at all after being put on a train by her Dad in Vienna when she was 8-years of age and never saw him again.

She was welcomed by a family who hardly knew even her cousin and motivated to study regardless of the lack of women professionals at the time and to pursue a career in the law.

She had been born Inge Schwarze in Vienna on the 24th of February 1931. Inge Goldrein around the time arrived in England

Cause of death:

Inge Goldstein who died at the age of 91 suffered from a brief illness leading to her demise.


The name of her husband is Eric Goldstein who was a Mayor.


The children of Inge Goldstein are unknown.


She was born to Anna who died of a Brain Tumor and Herman.


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