Is Alex Iwobi Related To Jay Jay Okocha?

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Football players from Nigeria who are professionals are Alex Iwobi and Jay-Jay Okocha. Both have successful careers.

Professional football player Alex Iwobi is from Nigeria and specialises in attacking midfield and wing play. Before making his first-team debut, he trained for several years at Arsenal FC’s youth academy before starting his professional career there.
In 2019, Iwobi moved to Everton FC, where he kept showcasing his skills and improving the team’s output.
Iwobi has also participated in and earned caps for the Nigerian national team, which he has represented in global tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations.

Former Nigerian professional football player Jay-Jay Okocha was primarily an attacking midfielder.
Okocha is considered by many to be among the best Nigerian football players of all time.
Playing for teams like Eintracht Frankfurt, Paris Saint-Germain, Bolton Wanderers, and others, he enjoyed a prosperous club career.
Okocha was renowned for his remarkable dribbling prowess, flair, originality, and capacity for spectacular goal scoring. His performances brought him a great deal of praise on a national and international level.
Okocha also played for the Nigerian national team, winning caps and competing in FIFA World Cups and several Africa Cup of Nations competitions.

Is Alex Iwobi Related To Jay Jay Okocha?

Yes, Jay-Jay Okocha and Alex Iwobi are related. The uncle of Alex Iwobi is Jay-Jay Okocha. Alex Iwobi’s mother’s brother is Jay-Jay Okocha. This familial relationship has frequently come up in conversations concerning Alex Iwobi’s history and football ancestry.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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