Is Anastasia Abbagnato Gay Or Lesbian?

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Tennis player Anastasia Abbagnato was born on November 19, 2003. She is a quickly rising star in the Italian and European tennis scenes and is considered an emerging athlete. She practises twice a day and spends her nights studying.

Abbagnato fell in love with tennis from a very young age. When she saw her father, an amateur musician, perform, she fell in love with it.

Anastasia is the grandchild of Eleonora Abbagnato and Federico Balzaretti.
Eleonora Abbagnato, hailing from Italy, has a diverse range of talents, including ballet dancing, modelling and acting in films. From 2013 to 2021, she was a principal dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet.

Federico Balzaretti used to play professional football in Italy. He was a left-sided full-back. Now, he is the director of football for Vicenza.

Is Anastasia Abbagnato Gay Or Lesbian?

Anastasia Abbagnato’s sexual orientation is not known. It is unclear whether or not the tennis player is a lesbian because she has not come out about her sexual orientation.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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